Should I Buy a Non-Exclusive Commercial License Acapella?

A non-exclusive licence is a type of licence that gives an artist the ability to use a vocal or acapella with a specific set of terms and conditions. This type of licence allows the vocal in question to be re-sold to other artists.

One of the benefits of buying a non-exclusive licence is that they tend to be significantly less expensive than exclusive licences and represent an easy and cost-effective way to add vocals to your instrumental tracks. For example, let’s say you want to release a 10-track album of remixes. You could add a non-exclusive vocal to every track for as little as $290 when buying from our site. Doing the same with exclusive-licence vocals could cost $3000 or more.

Understanding non-exclusive licences and how they work is important for any artist or songwriter who wants to understand all of their available options. Non-exclusive licences offer a great way to create awesome songs without breaking the bank.

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