“We pay hard cash for your pre-recorded acapellas. Top prices paid! Full artist credit given! You retain full copyright over all your tracks.

We sell your acapellas to top producers, they remix and release, then watch your tracks climb the Spotify/Apple charts.

Why work with one producer when you can work with many and maybe even cross over to the big time!”

Ajay Ahuja, CEO of Ahuja Art Projects


A fee for the rights to sell non-exclusive licenses of your acapellas

A percentage split of any income we receive as a result of any sales, royalties and public performances of your acapellas

Greater exposure of your work, as we sell your acapellas to established producers who are willing to pay to use your vocals

Full artist credit. You will be a featured artist when your track is released.

Potential raising of your profile. If a well-known producer buys your acapella, then simply by association your profile will grow.


The question you must be asking yourself is: “If I sell…….do I still “own” my song?” Most definitely you do! All we are purchasing is the copyright of the recording you send us.

You still own the song and all the intellectual property that comes with it such as the lyrics and note composition.

We are simply buying the recording you send us, giving the acapella an ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) to protect both you and us and then selling the rights to producers who make a living from releasing their own music.


Yes of course! We believe in plain-English and easy to understand contracts.

You can download our contract here.


If our Acapellas Wanted page interests you, fill out the form below. Please include links and/or uploads of your work, whether that’s the acapella itself or the full song with a backing track. If we like what we hear we will be in touch!