Why Selling Your Vocals Could Be The Best Thing You Ever Do

Selling your vocals can be a fantastic way to make money and gain exposure. A super-talented DJ or producer may love the sound of your voice and want to buy your vocal for use in their next song. If that song hits the big time, money and exposure are sure to follow.

One of the best ways to make money from selling your vocals is to get in touch with us. We will pay you for the rights to sell your vocals non-exclusively on our site and third-party partner sites. We will also pay you a generous percentage of royalties on every sale. Our acapellas for sale page is one of the most visited acapella sites on the internet and we have some awesome remix albums available – all created using vocals sold by us.

It is possible to make a good supplementary income from selling your vocals, and if they prove very popular, selling them could be the only job you need. AAP is designed to help vocalists make a living and get discovered, so if you’re interested in selling your vocals, get in touch.

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