How To Create Your Own Acapella From Scratch

Acapellas are a powerful tool and can enable DJ’s to create live mashups and remixes. Acapellas can be created from scratch buy vocalists, or extracted from an existing song. In this post we will discuss how to create a vocal from scratch.

Firstly, you need to have an idea for a vocal. Once you have this, ask yourself the following:

What do you want to sing about?

What genre(s) do you think your vocal will fit in?

What do you want your vocal to be used for? If you’re looking for your vocal to be remixed as a dance song, a hard rap might not be the best idea.

Figure out your lyrics. What story are you trying to tell and to what audience?

Once these topics have been mulled over, you need to start recording your acapella. There are a plethora of software applications out there for recording vocals. Two of the more popular ones include Adobe Audition and WavePad. They all work in much the same way. Set you your microphone in a quiet room (soundproofed, if possible) and get recording. Most software will allow filtering out of background noise, pitch modulation and allow saving in high-quality WAV format. All these things make it possible to create fantastic quality acapellas.

Once all the work is done, make sure you give the vocal a catchy title and make note of its bpm and key, as sellers of acapellas, like us, will need this information.

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