We are looking for singers, rappers, producers and broadcast DJ’s. If you do things differently, can sing, rap, produce or mix and are willing to work on a royalty split basis then we want to hear from you. We work like this:  

1. Send us a track or tracks that you have written and sung.  These can be links to Soundcloud, YouTube etc. As long as we can hear the track that’s fine.

2. If we like the tracks we’ll ask you for the acapella version so that we can either get remixers to remix and release on our label, or sell non-exclusive commercial licenses to international producers.

3. We pay 20% of royalties for every remix and 20% of any non-exclusive commercial licenses sold.

1. Choose one or more acapella(s) from our LOOPERMAN acapella page and download an acapella that you think you can work with.  
2. Do your thing and send us your remix. We prefer links to Soundcloud or YouTube, but we accept all links.  It’s all about the music you create rather than the platform!
3. If we like your track we’ll release it to all platforms and pay 60% of all net royalties received. We pay every February if there is at least £25 owing.
1. If you play out to an audience of a minimum of 5 listeners then we want to hear from you! Please have a listen to our tracks and choose one or more that you really want to get behind and play out.
2. Subject to our due diligence on your reach, we can offer you up to 95% of the royalties on some or all of the tracks you choose.  
3. Fill out the form below and send us a link to your DJ profile or any articles about you as a DJ and we will get back to you within 48 hours. 


So, what are you waiting for?  Fill out the form below with links to your best works!